Dr. David Ogbueli

Dr. David Ogbueli is the founder of the New Covenant Family Ministries and the Senior Pastor of Dominion City, International. He is also the President of the Dominion Leadership Institute, and a Senior Facilitator in the Institute of National Transformation. He is a Management and Government Consultant who speaks nationally and internationally in organizations, government houses, embassies and churches. He is a widely read author and a social reformer. David Ogbueli is married, with four kids.


Pastor Sarah Ogbueli

Pastor Sarah Ogbueli is a relationship consultant, author, conference speaker and media personality. She is a social advocate of good relationship and family values based on time tested biblical principles. Her passion for women development and family reformation has led to her pioneering the New Eve Project; focused on rediscovering the essence of womanhood and The Matters of the Heart Ministry –A vibrant ministry geared towards relationship development for singles and the married.

Pastor Gentle Donald

Pastor Gentle is the Head Pastor of Dominion City, United Kingdom under the leadership of Our Father, Rev. Dr. David Ogbueli. He actively extends the Dominion Mandate throughout UK via our existing chapters and ongoing missions work to establish new chapters. Pastor Gentle has a strong passion for training and development, and he is committed to ensuring that every member under his care is spiritually and mentally nurtured to the Glory of God.

Pastor Amaka Donald

Pastor Amaka leads alongside Pastor Gentle in extending the Dominion Mandate in United Kingdom. She is the chief administrator for DC-UK, she oversees the women affairs, and is also responsible for the development of our children’s department.