COVID-19 Update

The lockdown from Thursday 5th November until 2nd December means that some church activities that require physical attendance will be suspended.

However, as a church, we are committed to making sure your worship is not affected.

We have created and made available the following avenues to help you stay connected.

Online Daily Prayers
We are focused on ensuring your spiritual wellbeing is at its best. As a result, we have opened up our online daily prayer on zoom to everyone. Prayers occur daily, except Sundays, at 8am, 1pm and 8pm and a 10mins exhortation follows. Please, click here to register and be added to our Online prayer WhatsApp group for updates.

DCA – Dominion City Academy
We have also launched the online Dominion City Academy that will commence on Saturday, 7th November 2020, 8am Prompt. As a Christian it is important you grasp the basic knowledge of your faith and that is what this academy is about. We will be teaching you the fundamentals of the Christian life and who we are as a movement. It will include assessments, your participation and at the end of the course, you will receive a certificate of attendance.
Please note that the course is entirely free and every course outline and materials you would need will be provided free of charge. 

Online Counselling with Pastor
Given the present situation and the Government guidelines, counselling with Pastor is now online. If you need to speak to me, please feel free to reach out. Be rest assured that I am here for you and as a church, we are committed to doing whatever we can to help. Click here to book for online counselling.

Care Call
Your safety and wellbeing are our number one priority. Do note that a dedicated team of people will be calling you on Mondays or on Thursdays. To check up on you. So please receive them with love. Dominion City Cares.

Online Services
Please note that our service times remains the same, but they will be online. So, join us online from this Sunday at 9am, 10:30am, 12pm, 3pm and 6pm. Tuesday services will commence online at 7pm.

Keep Safe
Please in this season, do well to follow the Government and NHS guidelines on keeping yourself safe. Wash your hands frequently and when you go out, protect yourself by wearing a mask or face shield.

Stay in Touch
Our phone numbers are 03333449519 and 01582 414723. Do well to stay in touch. Our office hours are from 10am – 5pm (Weekdays). You can also reach us via email at

In as much as you do your best to keep safe, be rest assured God’s mighty hands will protect you and your family. Psalms 91:10 – No harm will overtake you; no illness will come near your home.