“Now then, we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God were pleading through us: we implore you on Christ’s behalf, be reconciled to God.” 2Corinthians 5:20 (NKJV).

The Marketplace where most believers are located ought to be the major outlet for evangelism but mostly due to lack of wisdom, they harvest salaries only and ignore souls. The Marketplace Ministry is the directing of evangelism and other Christian activities towards the secular Marketplace. Your Marketplace Ministry is to be a Disciple and Witness for Christ through your work or business.

Majority of the people you work with are lost and in need of salvation through Jesus and the Marketplace will give you access to those people groups who may never make it to Church. As a business owner or employee, God is expecting you to be His channel to reach the lost. Therefore, you need to be committed to make an eternal impact on everyone you meet in the course of your business dealings because your spiritual life cannot be separated from your vocational life.

The more skills and expertise you have, the more problems you can solve and the higher your remuneration to meet personal needs, kingdom advancement and help others generously. Expertise also procures respect and influence that helps you point men to the Saviour you represent.

Besides, when you are diligent and aspire to the top of your chosen field, you will be brought before kings in the Marketplace as an ambassador of the Kingdom, granting you a greater opportunity to represent Christ (see Pro. 22:9 MSG).

The myth of arbitrary favour suggests that divine favour can elevate someone without skills to an important position. However, no quantity of divine favour can make a person a lawyer, doctor or an engineer overnight. This mindset has diverted believers from deliberate skill acquisition necessary to function in a dynamic Marketplace. Even if favour catapults a person to a level beyond his ability, such a person will have to hasten to develop and acquire the skills necessary to function at that level, otherwise he will lose his place through non-performance. Believers must understand this law of the Marketplace and engage in intensive, life-long personal development. This way, they will become a force to be reckoned with, relevant and indispensable in the society. Even the kings in the Marketplace who reject a believer’s faith will be forced to seek their skills and expertise. This will become an opportunity to testify of Christ (see Prov. 12:24 AMP).

We have all been assigned platforms, jurisdictions and spheres of influence by the Lord to represent the King and His Agenda. We are expected to deploy certain qualities like: Faith, Passion, Prayer, Skills, Expertise, Integrity, Knowledge, Research, Innovation, Perseverance, etc. The Believer who will succeed in the Marketplace today must provide gold for things of gold, planning for things that require planning, prayer for the things of prayer, productivity for the things of productivity, punctuality for the things of punctuality because faithful adherence to these principles will attract God’s Glory.

We cannot replace diligence in the Marketplace with Prayer, nor can speaking in tongues be substituted for planning. As foundational and needful as Integrity is, it cannot replace competence because a holy and well-meaning Christian doctor who is medically incompetent can kill his patients. Believers must display the highest degree of excellence and passion and do all things as unto God to thrive and take over the Marketplace (see Col.3:17, 23–24; Eph.6:7).


Thank you Lord for the gift of my ministry and an understanding of Your Expectations of me. I repent of harvesting only salaries in my marketplace at the expense of souls. I pledge to eternally influence anyone that comes my way through my business dealings and point them to Jesus.

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