BIBLE READING: JOB 12:12-13; 1KINGS 4:29-30; JOB 28:28

“Wisdom has built her house, She has hewn out her Seven Pillars.” Proverbs 9:1(NKJV).

The role of wisdom in the life of every believer can never be overemphasized. The Bible makes this abundantly clear to all: “Wisdom is the Principal Thing; Therefore get Wisdom. And in all your getting, get understanding.” (Prov.4:7).

Knowledge is the acquisition of information, understanding is the assimilation of information while wisdom is the correct and productive application of information which is result-oriented (see Lk. 7:35). Every problem in life is actually a wisdom problem.

Furthermore, wisdom is one of those things that money cannot buy but rather can buy money. There is a certain level of stability that is lacking in the life of someone lacking wisdom, that is why the Bible says, “Wisdom and Knowledge will be the stability of your times…” (Isa.33:6).

According to our key text Proverbs 9:1, Wisdom has seven pillars which provide stability and they are as follows in this order:

  1. Veneration (see Prov.9:10): This is also known as the Fear of the Lord which is the beginning or genesis of wisdom.
  2. Devotion (see Ps.63:1-3): This is where we are to draw spiritual strength from.
  3. Inspiration (see Job 32:8): This comes as a result of the inner man being aroused by Divinity.
  4. Meditation (see Ps.1:1-3): This is the process of assimilation or supernatural digestion.
  5. Information (see Mal.2:7): This is the actual raw material of wisdom.
  6. Association (see Prov.13:22): This is what guarantees a transfer of knowledge.
  7. Instruction (see Prov.4:13): This involves teaching and training.


Heavenly Father, blessed be Your Holy Name.Thank You, O Lord, for giving us Jesus the Embodiment of Wisdom. Please reveal to us the importance of these Seven Pillars of Wisdom in Jesus’ Mighty Name. Amen.

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