“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6(NKJV).

Jacob enjoyed the Promise of God to Abraham in the Form of God’s Presence, Guidance and Protection. The same applies to every believer (Gal.3:29).

We must never forget that the Lord God Almighty is our Sleepless Watchman (see Ps.121:4). God Who created the Heavens and the Earth takes time to watch over and care for all those who trust Him and His Word. No evil will be allowed to destroy their Fellowship with Him (see Rom.8:28-39). The Lord God is and forever remains our Protecting Father (see Ps.121:5; John 17:11). The faithful child of God is always under the Lord’s Protection, Defence and Watchful Care (see 1 Pet.1:5). The Lord Jesus emphasised this Truth by reminding us that, “the very hairs on your head are numbered” (see Matt.10:30). God is our Almighty Guardian Who allows absolutely nothing to happen to His children on His Watch (see Ps.121:8; 2 Tim.1:12).

These texts may be applied both to our lives from spiritual birth until we leave this Earth and to our physical lives as we go out in the morning to work and come home to rest. Hallelujah! God will continually preserve us for He is our Constant Guard, Refuge and Strength (see Ps. 46:1).

In co-operation with God, we are permitted to have watchmen over our cities (see 2 Kgs. 9:18; Jer. 31:6). However, more importantly, we are spiritual watchmen set by God Himself to watch over and enforce His Counsel (see Isa. 62:6; Jer. 6:17; Ezek. 3:17; Heb. 13:17).

When your dependence is on God, worry is absolutely and totally forbidden (see Matt. 6:25-33; Phil. 4:6). However, Jesus did not mean that it is wrong to make provisions for future physical needs which is a basic sign of responsibility, what Jesus forbids is anxiety or worry which shows a lack of faith in God’s Fatherly Care and Love (see 1 Pet. 5:7).

In building with God, one must seek the Kingdom of God i.e., seeking earnestly to have the Rule and Power of God demonstrated through our lives and in our local assemblies (see Isa. 4:4).


Heavenly Father, we exalt You above all else. Your Hand, O Lord, is Mighty to save, heal and deliver. Help us lean only on You in all we do in Jesus’ Mighty Name. Amen.

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