BIBLE READING: ACTS 15:36; ROMANS 15:22-24; ACTS 14:21-23

“Be diligent to know the state of your flocks, and attend to your herds.” Proverbs 27:23(NKJV)

An effective follow-up process is one of the most crucial processes you can have in a Local Church. Understanding and creating an efficient and effective follow-up system is vital for the health and growth of any Church.

A dynamic follow-up system makes people who visit the Church feel cared for and the likelihood that they will return is high. This is so important because Christianity isn’t just about believing but is also about belonging. A healthy follow-up structure guarantees warmth in the Church and is the surest way to close the Back door of any local assembly. It also shows how well the congregation is doing in inviting people to Church.

Church growth is hinged on effective follow-up processes. If people come to Church and never get connected, the Church will struggle to grow. An impactful follow-up strategy is a series of messages sent to a visitor after they visit that Church for the first time. It must include elements such as
the primary message to send, what channels with which to send it across e.g. sms, WhatsApp, emails, phone calls etc., and when to send the messages to the visitor. The end result is that your visitor comes back, connects and sticks with your Church.

Effective follow-up can have a three step approach:

  1. Data collection:

Outside of the number of people that attend the Church weekly, the spiritual impact, the finances and the data of the first time visitors are the most important that you generate weekly. The effectiveness of your follow-up strategies is hinged on the quality of data that you collect and your ability to analyse the data. ‘Data’ is life according to a telecom service provider. The ability of a Church to rightly analyze and put to work the data collected will highly impact on the growth of the Church.

A good data card will give your Church the demography of the visitors i.e., their gender, age, occupation, marital status, address etc. This will help in planning for follow-up.

  1. Connection with the Visitors:

Your Church has to devise a message, means and methods to connect with visitors after they have left the Church. Retention is highest when you follow-up quickly and strategically.

  1. Build relationships:

Friendships and relationships are part of the major catalysts of Church Growth next to the impact of the Word of God. Many Christians stay in a particular Church because some people intentionally built friendships with them. Your follow-up team must be made up of strategic networkers.


Holy Spirit our Divine Teacher, enlighten our understanding in areas of follow-up and help us to build relational capacity to be good networkers for You in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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