“Simon Peter went up and dragged the net to land, full of large fish, one hundred and fifty-three; and although they were so many, the net was not broken.” John 21:11(NKJV)

The harvest season is the favourite season of the farmer as well as the most challenging. The joy of a bountiful harvest can be intoxicating but could also be short-lived because of the constant thoughts of how to preserve and protect the harvest from post harvest losses. If the harvest is not adequately preserved, it could affect his profitability.

In Matthew 9:36-38, after an extensive time of ministry with the resultant harvest, Jesus was seen to identify major needs—the need for shepherds and the need for strategic prayers to the Owner of the Harvest for labourers. Also according to Matthew 13:47, He taught about the man who caught fishes with his net and thereafter sat down to sort out his catch. On this basis, we will use the strategic “4D Principle” for harvest retention:


This is the stage of laying down the net which involves evangelism and soul winning. Here the souls go through the first phase of the retention process which is the Dominion City Academy— Foundation and Maturity Schools.


For proper retention, deliverance is a major prerequisite because you cannot disciple a man possessed by demons. It is at the deliverance stage that so many foundational issues in the lives of many are dealt with and the believer is cleaned up. Deliverance deals with the believer’s soul. For deliverance, it is highly recommended that you attend the Dominion City Encounter Retreat, a seventy-two hour life changing and destiny transforming meeting with God.


This is the place of formation for the believer. It is the process of forming the inner man (in- formation) whereby the personality of the believer is transformed with Revelation Knowledge. There are a lot of trainings designed to equip believers in Dominion City such as Dominion Leadership Institute (DLI— Basic and Advanced), School of Ministry, Perspective Course, Kairos etc.


Just as a trained soldier must be deployed to a place of service, so also a believer who has gone through the aforementioned processes ought to be deployed too. Although a believer came into the Church as a novice, after undergoing trainings he/she can now be deployed, some as pastors, evangelists, teachers etc., but the vast majority will be deployed into the marketplace.

It is noteworthy that every born again, Spirit-filled, well trained believer is a minister whose ministry may never thrive within the Four Walls of the Church as we know it. Just like Ecclessiastes 1:1 spoke of, “Solomon the Preacher (his purpose), the son of David (his pedigree), king in Jerusalem (his platform). In the same vein, every believer’s assignment is to preach the Gospel because every platform you have is for the purpose of fulfilling ministry for you are a son of God.


• Begin a cell in your neighborhood or at your school or workplace.


Father, I ask for grace, knowledge, understanding and wisdom to know how to preserve the souls that are coming to the Kingdom through the ministry You have called me into in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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