“Then He commanded the multitudes to sit down on the grass. And He took the five loaves and the two fish, and looking up to Heaven, He blessed and broke and gave the loaves to the disciples; and the disciples gave to the multitudes.” Matthew 14:19(NKJV).

The Holy Scriptures emphasize to us that many are called but few are chosen (see Matt. 20:16). When it comes to Divine Calling, God calls everyone. In other words, everyone has a calling but when it comes to being chosen there is a price to pay for Divine Election.

Apparently, you cannot be used by God the way you are hence there is the making of the man that God uses. If you will not allow God to work in you i.e., to prepare and mould you, then He cannot do much in, through and for you.

There are four (4) major processes involved in the making of the man whom God Will use:

  1. The Moulding/ Shaping of our Motives

This is the heart of the entire matter. (see 1 Sam.16:7). Your motive is your intention for doing something i.e., the reason for your actions. To God, the motive behind what we do either for Him or to our fellow human being matters the most. For example, the motive behind our giving, behind the services we render, behind our actions, behind the words we speak, behind our prayers etc., because God does not start judging us from our actions but from the motives of our hearts. God wants everything we do to be motivated by love because faith activates but love motivates (Gal. 5:6).

  1. The Moulding of our Utterances:

This is so key because our words are either constructive or destructive. (see Eph. 4:29). Your utterances are the things that you say. God wants to shape our utterances so that when we open our mouths we will minister timely and edifying words loaded with grace to the hearers. (see Col. 4:6).

  1. The Moulding/Shaping of our Attitudes:

This is a major indicator of the source of one’s confidence (see Jer.9:23-24). Your attitude is the way you behave because of your feeling or opinion about something or someone. Your attitude determines your altitude in life. There are godly attitudes of the heart such as integrity, faithfulness, love and meekness (being gentle, teachable, malleable, instructable and correctable). Some people can neither be corrected nor instructed or taught because of pride.

  1. The Moulding of our Character/Values:

This is the major purpose of the breaking process (see Matt. 14:14-21). An unbroken vessel cannot carry the Glory of God. The primary purpose of the wilderness experience is to break us i.e., the pride in us, the rebellious tendencies in us, the greed and selfishness in us, etc., so that the Glory can be revealed through us to our generation. When God finishes with a man in the breaking process, all the arrogance, confidence in self and what one thinks he knows or can do will appear insignificant. You see, when you understand the purpose of the breaking process you will thank God for it because that will be your security when you get into positions of influence and power in the future.


Ask God to search your heart thoroughly. If there is any evil hidden motive of the heart, let the Holy Spirit expose it, change your heart and make it ever true and acceptable before God.

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