BIBLE READING: PSALM 127:3-5; EZEKIEL 39:3; 2KINGS 13:14-17

“And He has made my mouth like a sharp sword; in the Shadow of His Hand He has hidden me, And made me a polished shaft. In His Quiver, He has hidden me.” Isaiah 49:2 (NKJV)

One major way to understand the Divinely Ordained relationship between fathers and their sons is having an in-depth comprehension of archery. Fathers are bows while sons are arrows. For the purpose of illustration, the first set of soldiers who came to build up King David’s army while King Saul sought to take his life were Benjamites, Saul’s brethren: “Now these were the men who came to David at Ziklag while he was still a fugitive from Saul the son of Kish; and they were among the mighty men, helpers in the war, Armed with bows, using both the right hand and left in hurling stones and shooting arrows with the bow. They were of Benjamin, Saul’s brethren.” (1Chron.12:1-2).

Take note of the phrase “shooting arrows with the bow.” In warfare, it is impossible for arrows to provide power, precision and penetration without the bow.

While executing God’s Divine Judgment on the dynasty of Ahab and promoting reformation in the Kingdom of Israel, Jehu channelled his strength through his bow which then gave the arrow which killed King Jehoram deadly effectiveness (see 2Kgs.9:24). In other words, a bow gives its arrows distance, direction and delivery. On the flip side, the bow’s actual effectiveness is only known after the launching of the arrows. That is exactly what fathers ought to do with and through their sons.

As sons, we are arrows in the Hands of the Mighty Man: God Almighty Himself (see Ps.127:4). However, our fathers are the bows with which the Lord launches us to decimate the enemies in the gate. This then places a grave responsibility upon us to stay concealed in the Quiver of proper training and Discipleship (see Isa.49:2), properly aligned with our father-bows that together we may establish the Divine Order of the Lord God Almighty on Earth.

Our Father in Heaven, we thank You for deeming us worthy as sons to be arrows in Your Hands. Without our fathers as launching bows, we are going nowhere. Receive all the Glory for this Revelation in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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