“And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, by Whom you were sealed for the Day of Redemption.”(Ephesians 4:30)

Acknowledging the Holy Spirit as a Person is one of the greatest keys to developing intimacy with Him. We have seen from previous devotionals that He shares one major attribute with mankind i.e. He has a Soul. The Scripture makes it clear that man is a spirit possessing a soul and living in a body. (see Psalm 63:1-2). Unlike man, however, the Holy Spirit does not have a Personal Body of His but is a Spirit possessing a Soul. The spirit of a man is the centre of his identity while his soul is the centre of his personality. Simply put, what makes someone a distinct person is his soul rather than his spirit. (see Ezekiel 18:4) The soul comprises of the mind, the will and the emotions.

From our preceding studies, we have established the fact that the Holy Spirit has a Mind of His Own as well as a Will of His Own. Once we establish from the Bible that He has Emotions or Feelings, then it becomes safe to say beyond any reasonable doubt that He is a Person rather than mere Divine Energy or the Active Force of God. Let us take a close look at the following Scripture: “In all their affliction, He was afflicted, and the Angel of His Presence saved them. In His Love and in His Pity He redeemed them; and He bore them and carried them all the days of old. But they rebelled and grieved His Holy Spirit; so He turned Himself against them as an Enemy, and He fought against them.” (Isaiah 63:9-10)

Think about this for a moment: Would it be possible to grieve an inanimate object? A strong wind, perhaps? An active force? Electricity, perchance? The obvious answer to the aforementioned questions is an emphatic NO. Only those with feelings or emotions can be grieved, the Holy Spirit inclusive. The New Living Translation of Ephesians 4:30 tells us “And do not bring sorrow to God’s Holy Spirit by the way you live. Remember, He has identified you as His Own, guaranteeing that you will be saved on the Day of Redemption.” Never make the mistake of trying to break the Holy Spirit’s Heart by your thoughts, words or deeds because He is very Sensitive. He has Emotions like those He possesses, hence we have a duty to respect His Feelings every step of the way.

Father of Life, we exalt You. We ask for Your Forgiveness in the ways we may have grieved the Holy Spirit in the past. Help us stay sensitive to You, Precious Holy Spirit, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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