Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. (Matthew 28:29)

One of the characteristics of every genuine disciple of Jesus Christ is the willingness to help the Master recruit disciples. According to the Scriptures, every sheep is mandated to “bring forth thousands,and ten thousands in our fields.“(Psalm 144:13b). This is a clear instruction and not a suggestion. Recruiting proselytes into the school of one’s rabbi is one of the highest statements of loyalty any disciple can show his rabbi. This is achieved through the Discipleship Making Movement(DMM).

The Discipleship Making Movement is essentially a Scripturally based process whereby there’s a rapid multiplication of disciples. The premise of the DMM is multiplication primarily through the G-12 process rather than addition. For instance, a rabbi raises twelve core disciples just like Jesus did. Each disciple is expected to imitate his rabbi or discipler by raising his own twelve and teaching each of them to do likewise. (see 2Timothy 2:2) The following is a practical application of the Discipleship Making Movement via the G-12 process which leads to an exponential discipleship explosion:
1st generation …….12 disciples
2nd generation …….144 disciples (i e 12×12)
3rd generation …….1728 disciples (i e 144×12)
4th generation ……. 20,736 disciples (i e 1728×12)
5th generation …….248,832 disciples (i e 20,736×12)
6th generation …….2,985,984 disciples (i e 248,832×12)
7th generation …….35,831,808 disciples (i e 2,985,984×12).

This is the result of faithfully adhering to the Discipleship Making Movement up to the 7th generation alone. No wonder the whole of the Asian Continent heard the Gospel preached by Apostle Paul even without access to modern technological aids like mainstream media and social media. (see Acts 19:8-10)

It is evident to all that the Return of the Lord Jesus Christ is imminent and the fastest and most effective way to fulfil His Great Commission is through the Discipleship Making Movement. If we really want to see “the numbers of the disciples multiplied greatly…“(Acts 6:7a), then we must roll up our sleeves with a sense of urgency and maximize this Divinely Inspired Movement. Remember, we can only fulfil God’s Mandate by using God’s Methods.

Father in Heaven, thank You for Your Faithfulness towards us. Lord, grant us the grace and the discipline to start a Discipleship Making Movement that will mass-produce genuine disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ. To You alone we ascribe all the Glory in Jesus’ Mighty Name. Amen.


  • Take out time to pray and ask God to reveal workable strategies with which you can begin your Discipleship Making Movement.
  • Start a Discovery Bible Study (DBS) where you are.

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