He went a little farther and fell on His Face, and prayed, saying, “O My Father, if it is possible, let this Cup pass from Me; nevertheless, not as I Will but as You Will.” Matthew 26:39 (NKJV)

Great organisations are built by having management and staff that understand the vision, the mission, and the market that the organisation is meant to serve. It is by serving that market that they dominate the world.

In Luke 12:42-48, Jesus pictured Himself as the Householder that gave rulership to His servants but did not fix a time frame for each of them to give an account of their stewardship. He instructed them that it is through faithful and fruitful stewardship that kingdom authority is gained and increased.

Understanding the Heart of Jesus, His Purpose or His Will comes from an intimate personal and passionate Relationship with Him. Jesus highlighted two categories of stewards:

i.) Those who knew their Master’s Will but did not prepare themselves to do it: This group of servants knew what their boss expected of them but did not prepare to perform the tasks which suggests that knowledge does not necessarily translate into success. Sterling service is always preceded by rigorous preparation and intentional actions.

This group will be beaten with many stripes because judgement is passed according to the light, revelation, or knowledge one receives. These servants misjudged their Master and became irresponsible with the authority delegated to them. They began to abuse the members of their Master’s household and faced dire consequences as a result.

ii.) Those who do not know their Master’s Will and did not prepare to do it: These are those stewards who do not know their Master’s Will and therefore did not prepare to do it. The fact that they did not know and did not prepare to execute it did not exempt them from punishment.

Ignorance is not and will never be an excuse anywhere, not on Earth or in Heaven. Actually, ignorance and laziness are two weapons with which the enemy destroys the destinies of many, believers inclusive.

In our key text, Jesus ultimately demonstrated that it was the Father’s Will rather than His Own that was supreme. The juncture at which you have to make a decision to follow your will or to obey the Will of God is the juncture at which you demonstrate who is actually in charge of your life.

If as a disciple of Jesus your discipleship has not translated into profit for the Kingdom, then stripes await you, be they many or few. Howbeit, the reward for faithful stewardship is continued service.

Lord, please make me a faithful and fruitful steward. I release myself from every form of ignorance and laziness that has deluded me. I receive grace for stewardship in Jesus’ Name.

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