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Our Mission

Dominion City Church is a body of believers with 1 vision; raising leaders that transform Society. 

Our Beliefs

As a whole and complete ministry Dominion City UK is one that believes the true goal of Christianity is to shape and conform men to the image of Jesus Christ through the restoration of the Divine Nature.
Once this has been established as our goal, we structure our trainings around these 5 key points in order to reach its achievement:

  1. Worship and Devotion

    Teaching our members how to really love God with all their heart.

  2. Fellowship, Relationship & Consolidation

    Members are taught how to relate to God, follow Biblical-based principles & are Baptized in the name of Jesus Christ.

  3. Discipleship & Maturity

    We train our members & educate them in the understanding of obedience to God & his word.

  4. Ministry & Service

    Members are taught ‘how to Love your neighbor as yourself’. The importance of ministry & being of service to their fellow brethren.

  5. Mission & Evangelism

    With a proper understanding of the Love of Jesus Christ we’re encouraged to go out and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a World in desperate need of Salvation.

The Mandate

Our Mandate works to develop Kings, Queens and Priests who are deployed as transformation agents in different Spheres of society to the Glory of God. We help you as our member discover your real and true purpose, Develop your potential and Deploy that potential in order to fulfil your God given destiny.

Core Values

  • 1. Having a intense Passion for the Wisdom Of God
  • 2. Having an intense quest for the Presence of God
  • 3. A uncompromising standard for Excellence and Quality
  • 4. A Strong Passion for Souls and the winning of Souls.
  • 5. An Intense Passion for Integrity and Righteousness
  • 6. Placing a High Premium on Healthy Relationships
  • 7. Maintaining a Strong Passion for Purpose and Destiny