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If you are willing and obedient, You shall eat the good of the land - Isaiah 1:19 (NKJV)

When God gives instructions He expects us to obey. His power and blessings are always released in response to our acts of obedience. The widow at Zarephat would not have experienced multiplication and divine replenishment and would have died if she did not obey the prophetic instruction to make the cake first, for the prophet.

God meets us at the point of action. If the disciples had insisted on seeing the water turn to wine before drawing it out to the master of the ceremony, that testimony would never have been recorded. As a healing minister I have seen people get out of the wheelchair by simply obeying instructions given by the Holy Spirit and not waiting for a surge of power or the anointing. It is those who are obedient who will eat of the good of the land not those who just believe. If Moses never stretched forth the rod, the Red Sea would not have parted. Don't joke with the instructions God gives you. They carry divine energy which are released as you obey.

Remember that Peter was already cleaning his nets, a good reason to say tomorrow is another day, nevertheless he said: "At thy word..." He let down the net and the next thing he saw was a boat sinking and net breaking harvest. 

Have you delayed in obeying God, you have simply held back His manifestation in your life. Choose to obey Him henceforth and you will be opened up to constant supernatural manifestation. God does not advance you any new instruction beyond your last point of obedience.

Ask God to forgive you for every time you have failed or disobeyed in carrying out His instruction. Ask Him for the grace, boldness and courage to always act on His word.